We use a data driven and market proven system where all of our clients benefit from our steady growth and continual testing!


You will get a consistent flow of new customers without the need for drastic measures.
We will have steady and reliable source of new customers for years to come.
You will finally have full focus on your business while we manage your marketing.
Your business will continue to succeed and grow because of your new marketing. 
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Did you know?

Research found that consumers crave personalized marketing and that 71% of people prefer marketing that is tailored to their interests and shopping habits. Personalized marketing is also proven to boost engagement as people are almost twice as likely to call or visit an unknown company if their marketing was tailored to their preferences.

Leads Guaranteed

Using our tried and proven marketing service where it's impossible not to get customers.

Here are the steps 


Apply to Work with Bamboo Bot
Are application process is easy, it helps us get to know you and what you are looking for with your company. Through the application process it will ask you to describe your business and what your goals, including what type of business you have please be specific. 

Review Process

Reviewing Applications to Work with Bamboo Bot
After the application we will review what you are looking for and see if we are able to assist you in your goals. If you are a match we will call you to go over some details of what you are looking for and how we plan on fixing them. we also include an email and log in. 


On boarding to Bamboo Bot
Onboarding is were the fun happens ! This is a portal to see are progress with your request and how your marketing is coming along. You can actually see the amount of clients the clicked on the ad and conversions from likes to buys to comments.   

Trial Period

Trial Period at Bamboo Bot

Every great marketing project takes time to work we request a 3 month budget to run ads. The reason we are requesting 3 months is because Facebook is an AI program. This program is learning about what you want in your clients and how to reach them through the campaigns we create. 

Hired or Fired

Hire Us at Bamboo Bot
We can't work with everyone, and we want to see results for you. We love creating facebook ads and optimizing your ads spend. 
In just 8 weeks you’ll have an optimized ad that will get you leads. 
Bamboo Bot's office atmosphereBamboo Bot
You’ll get access to a world class team with proven campaigns impossible not to profit !


Are logo is unique and here is what are logo means ....
  The Bamboo bot logo is a Bamboo tree and a Enso.  We chose the bamboo tree because it is a fast growing plant that is a natural resource that can be used in many applications. The Enso is a bodda symbol that shows zen in a fast growing industry.  


We have More than 1,000 clients!

You’ll get access to a world class team with proven campaigns impossible not to profit!
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